Welcome to W8MD’s Sleep Services Division. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our state of the art sleep medicine services to you. The facility is under my direct supervision and we are a multi-disciplinary sleep center dedicated to patients, ages from 13-99 years.

We perform both home sleep studies throughout the week and in lab sleep studies at select W8MD locations Monday through Saturday for your patient’s convenience. We also perform multiple sleep latency studies (MSLT) during the day on Saturdays.

In order to serve you and your sleep disorder patients in a more timely and effective manner. Patients with a history of snoring, whom you suspect may have obstructive sleep apnea, may now have a sleep study without a prior assessment by a sleep specialist. However, we continue to offer our consulting servicefor your complicated patients, if you so choose. We do ask that, patients with a complicated past medical history be seen first by one of our sleep physician, so that a thorough evaluation can be performed and the appropriate test may ordered.

While committed to high quality, cost-effective, and innovative care, Poly-Tech Sleep Services offers quick turnaround time. By providing prompt feedback to you and your staff, the patient can benefit from the combined strength of the sleep study findings and the PCP’s knowledge and familiarity with the patient’s overall health.

If you are a PCP and want to order a sleep study, simply have your staff fill out the referral form along with the attachments, and fax to us. Poly-Tech will contact the insurance carriers for all the pre certification requirements. We will keep you informed of the progress. Our priority is your satisfaction and a pleasant experience for your patients at the sleep center.

If you are a patient you suspect you have Sleep Disorder, please contact the Sleep Center directly and we will answer all you questions or concerns.

We greatly appreciated you for visiting our site. Please give us an opportunity to prove what we offer.

Prab R Tumpati, MD

Sincerely Dr.Prab R. Tumpati, M.D.
Diplomat, ABIM & Sleep Medicine.
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