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  • New York CityDid your doctor say you need a sleep study in New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or surrounding areas and you need a sleep clinic?
  • Are you tired of the long wait times with many hospital based sleep centers?
  • Do you need a board certified sleep doctor to help diagnose or treat any sleep disorder in New York City?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, W8MD can help.


Slumber services is a sleep clinic in the city of New York with locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Call 718 946 5500 to learn more.


Sleep disorder management NYC

At W8MD’s sleep clinics, we go over your detailed medical history, your sleep history, and a physical exam. Sleep study

Sleep studies NYC

Sleep studies monitor the following

  • Brain wave changes (in lab studies)
  • Eye movements
  • Breathing rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate and electrical activity of the heart and other muscles

Other types of sleep studies may check how quickly you fall asleep during daytime naps or whether you are able to stay awake and alert during the day.


Sleep disorders management

Sleep Clinic NYC

The management of sleep disorders depends on the actual sleep diagnosis

Common sleep disorders and the treatment options

  • Good sleep habits
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy or relaxation techniques
  • CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) for sleep apnea
  • Bright light therapy for delayed sleep phase syndrome
  • For insomnia, in addition to behavior therapy, there are prescription and non-prescription medications such as melatonin, Zolpidem (Ambien), Zaleplon (Sontata), Eszopiclone (Lunesta) etc.

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