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If you are tired of using a CPAP mask, and looking for a permanent fix that actually works, is cool to wear, you may want to consider the Inspire hypoglossal nerve stimulator.

Inspire device for sleep apnea in NYC

Implanted under the skin of the chest, it is a small electronic device that stimulates the muscles in the throat that control the opening of the airway in the neck so that airway is kept open.

The nice thing about this technology is that it is synchronized to the movement of the respiratory muscles in the chest.

Sleep doctor in NYC familiar with inspire device

If you are wondering how to find a sleep doctor in New York City that can discuss the inspire device? We can help. Our board certified sleep physicians can first diagnose if you have sleep apnea and if so, if you are likely to meet the criteria for the device, as well as refer you to the appropriate surgeons that implant the device.

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