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Irregular sleep-wake disorder (ISWD) is a type of circadian rhythm sleep disorder where an individual's sleep pattern is irregular, with no consistent sleep schedule. This disorder results in fragmented sleep, with several naps throughout the day and night, causing difficulties with falling asleep and staying asleep.


Individuals with ISWD have difficulties maintaining a regular sleep schedule, which can result in excessive daytime sleepiness and decreased quality of life. The disorder is often seen in individuals with neurological conditions, such as Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, as well as in individuals with physical or mental disabilities.


Diagnosis of ISWD involves a detailed medical and sleep history, physical examination, and assessment of sleep patterns using actigraphy (a wrist-worn device that records movement) or polysomnography (a sleep study).


Treatment of ISWD often involves the use of behavioral interventions, such as creating a regular sleep schedule, establishing a relaxing bedtime routine, and limiting exposure to bright light in the evening. In some cases, medications, such as melatonin, can be used to regulate the sleep-wake cycle. It is important to seek medical evaluation for symptoms of ISWD as proper treatment can help improve sleep quality, reduce excessive daytime sleepiness, and improve overall quality of life.


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