Polysomnography is the latin name for a sleep study.It can be in lab sleep study commonly called in lab PSG or polysomnograph, or home sleep study or home PSG.

Sleep study

What does polysomnography mean?

Poly means many, somna means sleep and graphy means recording. Since sleep studies record sleep using many different channels including electroencelphagraphy, elecctromypography, body plethysmography and electrocardigraphy, it is called polysomnography.

How does the in lab polysomnography differ from at home sleep studies?

The in lab polysomnography in general records a lot more channels and has a trained sleep tech that can trouble shoot any issues during the study. Besides, it also allows the sleep tech to monitor the patient continuously and record any events such as parasomnias, seizures, movements and other things that happen during the sleep. Also, in lab polysomnography is required to diagnose certain conditions such as REM sleep behavior disorder, narcolepsy, and central sleep apnea.

Polysomnography in New York City

If your doctor suggested that you get a sleep study in New York City, the first step is to find a sleep doctor. Unlike many other sleep centers in New York City, W8MD’s sleep centers have no waiting lists and can offer same week appointments with a board certified sleep doctor. Besides, we accept most insurances, and offer convenient and quick home sleep studies as well as more detailed in lab sleep studies to diagnose any sleep disorder.

Polysomnography lab in NYC (Sleep lab NYC)

If you are looking for an experienced, and board certified sleep medicine physician in any of the 5 boroughs of New York City such as Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, or Staten Island, or nearby areas such as New Jersey, Long Island, Yokers, White Plains etc, call us today at 718 946 5500.

We have two locations in greater New York City – Brooklyn and Manhattan. 

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