Home sleep studiesPolysomnogram (PSG) is the technical term for sleep study. There are two basic types of polysomnograms – one done at home of the patient called home sleep study and another done in the sleep lab. Sleep studies help diagnose many of the over 80 different sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, REM sleep behavior disorder etc.

How is the PSG sleep study performed?

The PSG places electrodes and sensors on the head, chin, legs and other parts of the body that collect information such as airflow, brain activity (EEG), respiratory effort, eye movements (EOG), leg movements (EMG), blood oxygen saturation and unusual behavior.

Other terms related to PSG

activation – noun making dynamic and successful (as a bomb); stimulation of action in a living being or chemical; the movement of causing to have vitality and be dynamic

airflow – noun the stream of air

airway – noun a business undertaking that gives booked flights to passengers; a channel that gives ventilation (as in mines); the sections through which air enters and leaves the body; an assigned course pursued via planes in flying starting with one air terminal then onto the next

apnea – noun transient suspension of breath

arousal – noun the demonstration of arousing; awakening from sleep; a condition of elevated physiological movement; common sexual stroking preceding sex

attendance – noun the demonstration of being available (at a gathering or occasion etc.); the number of individuals that are present; the recurrence with which an individual is available

awake – adj. not in a condition of sleep; totally conscious; (usually pursued by ‘to’) indicating intense mindfulness; rationally perceptive; not oblivious; particularly having become conscious; verb quit sleeping

blood – noun temperament or disposition; the liquid (red in vertebrates) that is siphoned by the heart; people saw as individuals from a group; the relatives of one individual; a wicked man in stylish society; verb smear with blood, as in a chasing inception custom, where the essence of an individual is spread with the blood of the execute

cerebrum wave – noun (neurophysiology) fast variances of voltage between parts of the cerebral cortex that are perceivable with an electroencephalograph

cessation – noun a halting

chest – noun box with a top; utilized for capacity; normally huge and sturdy; furniture with drawers for keeping clothes; the part of the human middle between the neck and the stomach or the comparing part in different vertebrates

chin – noun the jutting piece of the lower jaw; Kamarupan dialects spoken in western Burma and Bangladesh and easternmost India; verb raise oneself while swinging from one’s hands until one’s jawline is level with the help bar

collarbone – noun bone connecting the scapula and sternum

cornea – noun transparent front bit of the external covering of the eye; it covers the focal point and iris and is constant with the sclera



device – noun any astute maneuver; an instrumentality created for a specific purpose; an significant structure (particularly in heraldry); any decorative example or plan (as in embroidery); something in a masterful work intended to accomplish a specific impact

diagnose – verb determine or recognize the idea of an issue or a sickness through a demonstrative analysis; subject to a medicinal examination

diagnosis – noun identifying the nature or reason for some marvel

diagnostic – adj. characteristic or demonstrative of for example an infection; worried about analysis; utilized for encouraging determination

electrode – noun a channel used to reach some piece of a circuit

equipment – noun an instrumentality required for an endeavor or to play out a help

event – noun something that occurs at a given spot and time; a marvel situated at a solitary point in space-time; the key observational substance in relativity theory; a extraordinary situation; a wonder that pursues and is brought about by some past marvel

frontal – adj. belonging to the front part; of or contiguous the temple or frontal bone; meeting front to front; of or identifying with the front of a propelling mass of air; noun a drapery that covers the front of an altar; the face or front of a building; an enhancement worn on the brow

health – noun the general state of body and mind; a sound condition of prosperity liberated from ailment

home sleep study

humidity – noun wetness in the air

hypopnea – noun moderate or shallow relaxing

Sa02 – oxygen immersion

cover – CPAP veil

movement – noun the demonstration of changing the area of something; normally utilized with regards to body development or leg development.


muscle – noun authority or power or power (particularly when utilized in a coercive way); animal tissue comprising dominatingly of contractile cells; one of the contractile organs of the body; possessing solid strength; a menace utilized as a hooligan or bodyguard; verb advance by power

obstructive – adj. preventing development

occipital – adj. of or identifying with the occiput

occur – verb come to one’s psyche; recommend itself; to be found to exist; come to pass

oximeter – noun a estimating instrument that estimates the oxygen in blood vessel blood

paralysis – noun loss of the capacity to move a body part

patient – adj. enduring without fight or complaint; enduring attempting conditions with even temper or described by such endurance; noun a individual who requires therapeutic consideration; the semantic job of a substance that isn’t the specialist yet is legitimately engaged with or influenced by the occurrence indicated by the action word in the proviso

PAP pressure – the weight in CM on the CPAP/APAP/BiPAP machines

probe – noun an examination directed utilizing an adaptable careful instrument to investigate damage or a body cavity; an exploratory activity or expedition; a adaptable thin careful instrument used to investigate wounds or body cavities; an investigation into new or sketchy activities; verb question or look at completely and closely; examine physically with or as though with a test

proper – adj. appropriate for a condition or reason or event or an individual’s character, needs; marked by reasonableness or rightness or appropriateness; having every one of the characteristics average of the thing indicated

provider – noun someone who gives the way to subsistence; someone whose business is to supply a specific help or product

recording – noun the demonstration of making a record (particularly a sound record); signal encoding something (e.g., picture or sound) that has been recorded; a stockpiling gadget on which data (sounds or pictures) have been recorded

relatively – adv. in a relative way; by correlation with something different

rem sleep – noun a repeating sleep state during which dreaming happens; a condition of quickly moving eye developments during sleep

respiration – noun the metabolic procedures whereby certain life forms get vitality from natural atoms; forms that happen in the phones and tissues during which vitality is discharged and carbon dioxide is created and consumed by the blood to be shipped to the lungs; a single total demonstration of taking in and out; the substantial procedure of inward breath and exhalation; the way toward taking in oxygen from breathed in air and discharging carbon dioxide by exhalation

responsible – adj. being the specialist or cause; worthy of or requiring duty or trust; or held accountable; having an adequate FICO assessment

rest – noun freedom from action (work or strain or duty)

aftereffects of sleep study -the last discoveries of a home or in lab sleep study

saturation -oxygen immersion

scalp – noun the skin that covers the highest point of the head; verb remove the scalp of; sell illicitly, as on the bootleg market

score and stage sleep study – noun stage and score a sleep study by recognizing different phases of sleep and scoring different occasions, for example, apneas, hypopneas.

sleep – noun a characteristic and occasional condition of rest during which cognizance of the world is suspended; a slow state looking like profound sleep; a timeframe spent sleeping; euphemisms for death (in light of a similarity between lying in a bed and in a tomb); verb be asleep; be ready to oblige for sleeping




sleepiness – noun a sleepy state

slow-wave sleep.

arrange sleep.

sleep technician -an individual prepared to perform sleep tests.

Sleep study

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