Acanthosis is a skin condition where some areas of the body such as neck, arm pits, sometimes cheeks or face get darker and or thicker patches sometimes with skin tags.


It is believed to be due to insulin resistance which is associated with increased insulin levels on a long term basis as the body fails to respond to insulin leading to compensatory increase in insulin levels.


Acanthosis nigricans

How can W8MD’s weight loss program help?

Our physicians are highly educated and familiar with insulin resistance that affects up to 71 percent of the population to some degree in the United States.

Insulin resistance

In fact, the underlying issue for the obesity epidemic might have to do with insulin resistance which increase hunger and increased portions.

Lose weight

By helping you lose weight, not only can we help you deal with acanthosis, but also reduce chances of developing diabetes in the future.

Skin tags

We also help remove skin tags using simple office based procedure.

Telemedicine available

Telemedicine options available

Accept most insurances

We accept most insurances

Evidence based approach

We offer evidence based approach to addressing the problem.

Go to the root cause

We attempt to go to the root of the problem such as insulin resistance as opposed to the band aid approach

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