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 For Patients

We offer a full range of sleep diagnostic services including overnight polysomnography, CPAP titration, BiPAP titration, MSLT, portable sleep testing, pediatric sleep testing from ages 3 and up, and consultation for over 80 sleep disorders.

We offer a fast turn around time.

We accept all major insurances.

Slumber services has spacious private rooms with attached bath with shower, and private TV in each room.

The state of the art sleep lab has 6 well furnished beds.

Our staff are very experienced and professional.

Since this is a non-hospital based sleep lab, you get to sleep in a comfortable hotel like room while getting tested for any sleep disorder.

Call us today at 718 946 55000 to schedule your sleep study.

For Physicians

Physicians get free consultation to choose EMR 

get Medicare Incentives of upto 44.000.00 per provider

The HITECH Act specifies that physicians can qualify for $44,000 or more per provider in economic stimulus incentives for adopting an Electronic Health Record(EHR). For example, a practice with two physicians and a nurse practitioner using an EHR could qualify for $132,000 in Medicare incentives.

Who Qualifies?

Physicians, and Practitioners(MD, DO, DPM, DDS/DDM, DC, PA, NP etc.), Health care clinics, Hospitals, Skilled nursing facilities, Nursing facilities, Home health entities, Long term care facilities, Community mental health centers, Renal dialysis facilities, Blood centers, Ambulatory surgical centers, Emergency medical service providers, Federally qualified health centers (FQHC), Group practices, Pharmacists, Laboratories, Rural health clinics, Therapists etc.

Why should I use an EHR?

Starting from the year 2011, medicare will start making incentive payments to qualified providers that use qualified EHR's for meaningful use. The Medicare program will begin to cut payments to doctors and hospitals lacking a qualifying electronic records system by 2015.

Given the incentives for early adoption, and the penalties for not adopting a qualified electronic health record by 2015, the providers have little choice but adopt an EHR.

What if I cannot afford an EHR?

While there are many expensive EHR's on the market, At Slumber Services Sleep Lab in Brooklyn, we recently started using a free web based electronic health record. We found this EHR to be robust, customizable, easy to learn and use, web based and most importantly, it meets the quality parameters for the above incentives. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing EHR's used by thousands of practices across the country. Slumber Services will be glad to share their experiences with you at no cost to you so that you can also try this free EHR and qualify for the medicare and medicaid incentives. Since early adopters get the maximum benefit, you should start your research on the best EHR soon. Contact us today for free advice and guidance on choosing the best EMR for your practice including information on Free EHR's.

The help with choosing the right EMR including information some of the Free EMR's is provided completely free and as a courtesy to our doctors. Contact us today for more information on how you can go electronic without spending a penny and qualify for the Government Incentives. We also show you how to use the EMR for meaning use as defined in the regulations.